Friday, July 9, 2010

VICTORIA: insert clever title here

Musaaack: Helly No by Sondre Lerche and Regina Spektor

I had a photoshoot with my puppy, well she is not really a puppy she is actually very old, as you can probably see.

Also today i went to this party type get together and it was pretty fun. We shot golf balls off a roof, well i watched them, and ate yummy cake, danced around a fire, and jumped in the hot tub.
I met some new people, and found myself being very, very, very quiet, as always when i meet new people. I wish i could change that!!!

This morning: i saw this music video for the Black Keys on VH1 and was very surprised! I love the black keys! This music video is the cutest thing in the world!, well in the beginning at least. Towards the end it gets weird with blood, but funny.

Yesterday: I wrote a few short stories! It was fun, i was feeling inspired.

Mostly about someone in love.

His hand in mine. “How does that feel?”
“It feels nice”
His arms around me. “How does this feel”
“It feels nice”
His lips parted on mine. “How did that feel?”
“It felt nice”
You are so nice. In everything that you do. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone but you. Trust me it is true. When you ask me the questions about how I feel, I become conscious and scared and I search for the words to help me describe it best. But I cannot find the words, and I think I know why. I think it is because no words can describe the feeling I get when I am with you.
So instead of searching for the right words to say, I mumble a simple phrase “It feels nice.”
And I know what you think when I repeat the same words, “Am I doing something wrong?” But you are so nice, and no nothing is wrong. It is nice. It is perfect. Exactly like you.
But I know these words are not enough, because at one point I almost lost you. These cursed words that come to my brain almost made you leave me in pain. Away from me. Angry. But you could never be too angry. Because you are so nice.
“How are you feeling today?” You asked, leaving a tender kiss on my head.
“I feel nice.” I whispered, looking down at my hands, and you became so mad.
“Am I doing something wrong? I just can’t understand” you said, pleasantry gone , leaving only annoyance instead.
“Nothing is wrong, how could you think that at all?” I questioned confused. But I knew exactly how you could think that at all. These words in my head were terrible things. Nice. It’s not enough. But it is all I can say.
“I can’t get close enough to you.” you said sternly and distraught “All you ever say is nice. I am nice. You are nice. Our kisses are nice. Is nothing good enough for you!” You yelled. It wasn’t a horrible yell, don’t let my words and exclamations confound you. You were gentle, sweet and kind. You were nice.
“Don’t you see” I put my hand on your cheek to calm you down. Your warm skin was entrancing “You are nice. Your touch is nice. Your kisses are nice. Nice to me is perfect to you.” I took my hand away, and with all my might I hoped that you would stay. And you did. Because you are so nice.

So then you knew. You knew you were nice to me. So, well, am I nice to you?

So, this is a short that i wrote, and it kind of sounds weird i know. In parts it almost sounds like another poem and then in parts it sounds just weird. I was trying something different though. I tried writing as an in love, confused, and sweet girl. And yeah, this is what i got.


  1. wow Loved the photos!!
    nice blog

  2. that's like the best music video ever!
    I love when the kid with the glasses flips the other kid off and steals his woman
    - RhiANNON